Heirloom Class

(This is a NOTEBOOK class)

THERE IS ONLY ONE EMBROIDERY DESIGN  INCLUDED IN THIS CLASS.  You most likely will want to dedicate a notebook (three-ring) to the project.  Pages in the download are suitable for printing; then you can mount your sample of a given technique on that page.  You can print as many copies of a given page as you like for future reference.    

​There are twenty PDF files included; some are more than one page and some are pages for mounting samples and recording information on how the sample was made. Other pages consist of instructions on heirloom techniques and construction, plus information on sewing and embroidery with twin-needles. General information documents include information on choosing needles, different kinds of entredeux, fabrics suitable for the techniques, threads, and presser feet for various techniques.  The student can punch holes in paper after printing and file in a notebook, or slip each page into a protective plastic page and clip that into the three-ring notebook of one's choosing.    

​The embroidery design measures 5.23 inches wide by 5.44 inches high (132.9mm wide by 138.2mm wide); it  can be slipped into a notebook that has a plastic cover, or can be used as the student desires to make a fabric notebook cover.  Formats for the design are: ART4, ART5, ART6, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES and VP3.    

​The lessons are Jane's written version of classes she has taught locally.     

The following topics are included:  Techniques for heirloom stitching; bodkins; fabric notes; presser feet; choosing needles; twin-needle techniques; and a chart to show the differences for stitching with twin needles and single needles in embroidery.

​Pages for your samples include entredeux to flat fabric; entredeux to gathered fabric; tucks and pintucks; gathered lace to entredeux; gathering and puffing. This class is for the purchaser's personal use only; it is not to be used in a class for teaching.