When all your pieces are stowed, tie them up in a beautifully quilted roll with your initial encircled with a feather motif accented by candlewick stitches right above the tie.

Three pockets behind the lower zipper provide more storage

Designed for the largest embroidery hoops (such as Bernina's Jumbo hoop), this jewelry roll offers many places to stow your favorite pieces of jewelry. 
Formats available: DST, EXP, and XXX. The design in the hopp measures 15.51 inches by 8.80 inches. Make sure your hoop will accommodate this size before ordering. No refunds on digital goods.

Splitting of files and resizing are not recommended and will not be supported.

The Cherie Alphabet letters can be found separately here.

​Files will be sent within 24 hours of purchase.  If you do not find your files, please first check your spam box, then contact Jane@DesignedByJane.com.

 Classy Jewelry Roll - Jumbo

The Cherie Alphabet letters can be found separately here

The ribbon and pocket at the top will keep earrings and chains in place.  Loop them through the ribbon and then tuck the lower part into the pocket below.


Letters from the Cancer Awareness Alphabet will also fit inside the circle frame.

The front section with monogram and the inside section with pockets are stitched in two separate hoopings and joined in the hoop.  A small seam is completed by hand or machine after the jewelry roll is turned.

The Classy Jewelry Roll files include each letter of the alphabet embedded in a  separate file for the front, so you can personalize as you wish.  The Cherie Alphabet, sold separately, includes the alphabet in two sizes, both upper and lower case letters.  Use the Embriliance Express software to use the Cherie Alphabet BX files to create names for the inside of the jewelry roll.  Find more information by clicking the link for Embrilliance Express below.

The middle compartment features an inside pocket as well as an outer pocket for larger pieces. Brooches can be secured through the outer pockets as well.

By request, two zippered sections keep pieces secure as the jewelry roll folds up

Blunt-tip scissors and bodkins come in handy with this project.  Click the picture above for a better view of the scissors.  If you want to order scissors, write Jane@DesignedbyJane.com for information.